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Favorite food in the nation: A magnificent bean

Although the old proverb says “just like beans”, this very popular food in our people is being prepared in a hundred ways. It belongs to a genus of legumes, a plant genus that is extremely nutritional in value. Although the most beloved white bean varieties are in our belly, black beans are even more useful.

In its colored shell there are at least eight different flavonoids, including anthocyanin, which give this seed a powerful antioxidant role.

It has the key of health

Bean is an excellent food for improving the health of the heart. A source of dietary fiber is concentrated, which helps to reduce cholesterol, folic acid that lowers the concentration of homocysteine ​​in the blood, a compound that damages the walls of the arteries. Also, beans are a good source of magnesium, an anti-stress mineral, important for muscle and nervous system work. Polyphenolic antioxidant phytonutrients that are part of the beans protects cholesterol from oxidation, preventing the formation of atherosclerosis. Bean is a good source of vitamin B1, which plays an important role in converting sugar into usable energy, it is also a good source of phosphorus, which is an integral part of the ATP molecule (adenotrifospat), substances that participate in all important life processes. It is an excellent source of manganese that protects mitochondria, and they produce energy and protect against damage caused by free radicals.

Beans cause gases, because people can not fight the sugars that are in his grain. These sugars consume bacteria in the colon and produce gases. The process can be reduced if the water in which the bean is soaked or the first water in which it is cooked is dropped. Kim, fennel and ginger spices are particularly effective in preventing the formation of gases, and any of the aromatic spices can ease the effects of bacteria and stimulate digestion. The beans contain the lysine amino acid that the cereals do not have, and is poor in cysteine, methionine, and tryptophan, where the cereals are abundant, so the beans and grains or cereal products, such as pasta, are excellent. Bean is a great source of protein. Only one cup of boiled beans contains 15 grams of protein, which satisfies a significant part of the daily needs. Bean is also an excellent source of molybdenum that eliminates harmful substances from the body. Molybdenum is a major part of the enzyme responsible for the utilization of iron.

How to keep it?

The beans should be stored in a hermetically sealed container in a cool, dry and dark place, where it can be held for up to 12 months. Whether it’s being bought per kilogram or packed, it’s important that there are no moisture signs or insect damage, that the seeds are whole and not cracked. The beans can be stored in the fridge for three days. When buying a canned bean, it is best to choose the one that is ecologically grown, which does not contain additional salt or additives.
New research

Some scientific studies have shown that beans help prevent cancer, as people who eat legumes more often have a lower risk of colorectal cancer, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer. The large antioxidant power of beans lies in compounds called anthocyanins, most of which are in black beans, then slightly less in red, brown and white. The amount of anthocyanins in the black bean variety is almost equal to the amount of the aforementioned phytonutrients in cranberries and grapes and about ten times higher than in the same amount of orange. Beans do not contain gluten, so they can be eaten by people suffering from celiac disease (permanent irritable diseases of gluten). It is advisable to eat beans more often for proper digestion, prevention of imprisonment, prevention and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis. Beans have a low glycemic index (GI = 39), which prevents fast blood glucose growth, making it an ideal food for diabetics, as well as during a weight loss diet.

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