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November 22, 2017
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How to cook properly in a steam?

Filets and sauces are usually made on steam, and here’s how it’s done in the right way.

Cooking on steam is cooking during which a smaller dish in which is cooked is placed in a larger bowl in which the water is located. It is used mainly for cooking creams and sauces, for preparing delicate things.

The difference between this and the usual cooking is that what is cooked is not directly on the fire, but is cooked by the heat of boiling water in the container.

Although steaming makes it quite simple, water must be dosed and heated in different ways, depending on the desired result.

The container in which the cooking mixture is located must not be immersed in water, but it should only touch the water below.

If you pour too much water, and dip the smaller container into that water, it may happen that when the boiling water spills over the container and mixes with what you cook, or it can burn your hands.

Steaming does not imply that the water in the bottom bowl needs to be keyed all the time, it should be on the edge of the boiling that you can control by adding cold water.

If you cook a regular bešamel sauce, you know that you have to mix all the time so that you do not create clods, so that this sauce is ideal for steaming.

You can also cook vegetables and some kinds of fish or meat in pairs, so you will save all the nutrients.

For steam cooking you can use any containers, but they are the most straightforward ones with rounded edges, as this allows them to mix by reaching to each point of the container. It must have happened that the cream or sauce you cooked on steam remained thick and glued to the edges of the container with sharp edges.

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