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How to reduce sugar intake – advice

Experts believe that sugar should not account for more than five percent of the total daily energy needed.

Adults should not ingest more than 30 grams (7 cubits) of sugar per day. However, we are aware that we are entering a lot more than permitted.

Read the tips on how to reduce your sugar intake:
Find a sugar substitute

Many think they can reduce calorie intake by replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners and thus lose weight without major changes in diet.

However, research shows that artificial sweeteners do not help in weight loss.

Moreover, artificial sweeteners may induce addiction to sugar and are therefore not recommended.
Leave the sweets

Before impulsively reacting to the availability of sweets, you need to check your instinct (whether you are hungry and eager right then or react impulsively and unconsciously). Most people eat sweets from habits, and not from need, and often overdo it, and bring in much more than they seek for their organism.
Read product declarations

If the product contains more than 8 grams of sugar, it has an extra sugar or sweetener. and on the other hand, products that do not have sugar on the labels and are sweet, contain natural sugar in themselves, which is good for the body because they are processed differently from artificial sweeteners.
Stop burning calories

Half of the sugar we enter into the body comes from carbonated and non-carbonated juices, energy drinks, coffee and teas. Discarding your favorite drink may be difficult, but it is advised to gradually reduce sugar in sweet beverages up to one teaspoon or less per drink.

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